3D and 4D Tans


Advanced Tanning is fast becoming popular in the same way Brazilian waxing took over the Bikini. All the fashion magazines rave about the ‘real life airbrushing’ that makes celebrities look up to 5kgs lights on the red carpet.

Colour Me Bronze® is the only salon on the North Shore of Sydney to offer this service.

The 3D Tan is suited to those who have some muscle definition.  We have created the “Shadow Tan” for those who may not have as much muscle definition but still would like to have a contour spray tan done.

Look Leaner, And More Toned…

Your body will look leaner, toned and contoured. We define your cheekbones, collarbones, decollete and lengthen and slim legs.  We hide bingo wings and drop the appearance of your stomach by one dress size. You will look 5kgs lighter in minutes… even more so than a regular spray tan. For men we can create either a toned or muscular appearance by defining certain arm and leg muscles ensuring your tan is as authentic as possible.

Please Note…

Please note for the “Shadowing/3D” to take effect we need to use two different shades of spray tan solution.  We cannot do a 3D tan on those wanting a “rapid rinse” or for those looking for a dark to very dark spray tan result.

Colour Me Bronze collarbone contour
Colour Me Bronze 3D Tan
Colour Me Bronze Contour Spray Tan

The cost of the 3D/Advanced/Contour Tan is a little bit more expensive than the regular tan, but it’s totally worth it!

3D Tans use 2 different colours to give you that extra depth.

  • Cost for a 3D Tan is $79

*Pre-payment is required for this service. Once you have booked online you will receive an email with a link to our Payment system. Pay via Paypal or credit card.

Whilst these tans might be slightly more expensive than the regular tan at Colour Me Bronze® it is definitely well worth the money. Smaller looking butt, thinner and more defined legs and arms, defined jawline, more depth in the breast and decolletage area.  What more would you want for that special event or first date? We even go as far as defining your back and stomach areas.

Colour Me Bronze® performs the perfect standard tan.  So we can ensure you we will do the same with the new 3D/Contour tanning.

Colour Me Bronze® is your one stop shop for spray tanning in Sydney on the Lower North Shore… so why take the chance anywhere else?

Colour Me Bronze Contour Spray Tan