This product is designed to aid the application of our Tanning Mousse and ensures that it is applied evenly. The Colour Me Bronze Tan Application Mitt also protects the palms, preventing unsightly stains that can be caused by the application of sunless tans.

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Easily remove your spray on tan with Colour Me Bronze’s specially designed Tan Removal Mitt. Our Tan Removal Mitt is ideal to use to remove any spray on tan, especially stubborn areas that cause the tan to look patchy. In addition, our Mitt is great to use to prepare the skin for an even, smooth and flawless application of a spray on tan.

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Perfectly prepped skin for a perfect tan result

The Full Body Exfoliating Mitt will help you get to all those “hard to reach places” and ensure that your skin is ready for your spray tan appointment.  It will also get rid of your old spray tan, and leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean and smooth.  The double handed mitts will help you exfoliate your body and the exfoliating strap in between the gloves will help exfoliate those hard to reach places like your back.

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