Fat Cavitation


Ultrasound fat cavitation is a non surgical technology that uses low frequency sound waves to target and reduce stubborn areas of fat and cellulite that won’t budge with diet and exercise.  The broken down fatty tissue is then filtered out through the body’s lymphatic system.

Ultrasound and RF Skin Tightening work hand in hand to reduce fat and tighten loose skin in larger areas such as abdomen, thighs and arms.

How many treatments you will need depends on the size and type of area being treated.  To achieve maximum results, a course of 6-10 treatments will be recommended weekly.  This will be discussed at your consultation.

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Ultrasound cavitation treatments are painless, making them a popular body contouring alternative to surgery and liposuction.  Treatments involve heating the targeted area in circular motions with the handpiece, so clients will experience a comfortable, warm sensation.

Some clients may experience redness in the treated area initially, but this will generally pass within 1-4 hours.

For best results in Fat Cavitation, it is advised you undertake 20 minutes of cardio exercise following treatment to encourage lymphatic drainage, drink plenty of water and have healthy eating habits.

Cardio doesn’t have to be a long vigorous session at the gym.  It also includes walking, housework and even dancing.

Treatments are popular with males who want to get rid of their love handles or any other area which has stubborn fat.

This combined with RF Skin Tightening will tighten up loose skin from fat loss also.

Results vary from person to person as every body responds differently to the treatments.  The body needs 3 days to eliminate the fat and toxins and this is why weekly treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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Fat Cavitation Treatment Areas
  • Upper Abdomen
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Hips (love handles)
  • Upper Back (bra line)
  • Outer Thigh
  • Inner Thigh
  • Front Thigh
  • Upper Arm
  • Knees





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Perfectly Sculpted Body - Fat Cavitation