• Hi Kim!  The tan by Kara was amazing!  Still super dark and so impressive especially for how pale i am!  Very very happy with the results.  I will be back for another tan in no time!  Thanks Kim! Emily
  • Hey Kim.  I loved it!  Kara was great! I asked for a lighter tone this time and it was perfect. Kate
  • Hey Kim!  Yes thank you it was a great tan and I still even have a little bit now!  Happy with it, thank you xx Tanya
  • Hi Kim!  The tan was great.  Kara was very busy that evening but did such a fantastic job that my friends and family didn't know I got a spray tan, saying that it looked like a very natural glow which is what I wanted.  I was very pleased with the results. Thank you! :-) Jazmine
  • Kara's tan was amazing, two coats all over and comletely even.  Thanks! Maggie
  • Hi Kim, really happy with the results.  I usually go the darkest - Kara combined 2 tones and the colour turned out really nice.  Thanks! Karina