Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


Looking for the perfect white smile? Got a job interview, holiday coming up or a date? Looking for a brighter smile to give you back your confidence?

We are excited to introduce our 60 minute Signature Treatment. It includes a full consultation where you will discuss the treatment and answer any questions you may have. This is followed by our 60minute 6% Hydrogen peroxide treatment, which will transform your teeth in 1 hour. This provides amazing results for those people with extensive staining from coffee drinking and smoking.

PureSmile at Colour Me Bronze
Teeth Whitening at Colour Me Bronze
Here Is How The Process Works
  1. We will assess your initial shade.
  2. Our activation spray is applied to your teeth with a sponge brush. This pre-treatment will prepare your teeth for the whitening process as well as it also helps with the activating of the whitening gel.
  3. The gel will be applied to your teeth.
  4. Now you sit back and relax with your protection glasses on and we apply our dental grade LED light which will activate the process.
  5. Every 20-30 minutes we repeat this process to get multiple activation of the gel with the LED in our treatment to achieve best results possible.
Colour Me Bronze Teeth Whitening Before and After
Colour Me Bronze Teeth Whitening Before and After
Colour Me Bronze Teeth Whitening Before and After
What Results Can You Expect?

We get fantastic results from our products with results of 5 to 14 shades whiter able to be achieved on untreated teeth.  Results will be reduced if you use any home whitening products.  While most clients are thrilled with the results some have unrealistic expectations.  Teeth whitening will not produce paper white teeth like seen in the movies.  This is a result or having the surface of the teeth replaced with porcelain veneers.  Teeth whitening will remove stains from the surface of the teeth and return them to the colour they were originally grown.

Teeth whitening results are subjective as each individual is different and teeth will only whiten to the degree which they are stained.  Teeth with very little staining due to good diet or the use of home whitening treatments may not show as much of a result.  The whiter the persons teeth were originally the whiter the results that can be achieved.

For further information on our teeth whitening services please call the salon (02) 9882 3751.

Colour Me Bronze Teeth Whitening