4DHD/Competition Spray Tans


Colour Me Bronze 4DHD Competition Spray Tan

As the requirement and demand for Competition specific spray tanning grows, both the technique and style of competition tanning must also advance. Colour Me Bronze® has accomplished this and has released their 4DHD Spray Tans®.

4DHD® is the new way of spray tanning for Competitions… There is no style out there currently in the market like this one. The 4DHD Spray Tan® accentuates muscle definition specifically for competitors under stage lighting. It was developed by us and we hold the Trademark for this service…. it’s ours!

We use Black Magic’s Muscle Tan and Bikini Tan as our competition tanning solution of choice.  These solutions are specifically made/designed for competition tanning and we have approved these solutions for use with our technique.

How Do Competition Tans Differ From Standard Spray Tans?

Competition Tans differ from everyday tans as the need for a specifically darker tone, colour and longer durability presents new obstacles for us as Spray Tan Stylists. Competitors put tans through conditions most every day people do not need to consider, such as pre-competition workouts, stage lighting and different outfit changes on the day of their competition. A skilled and well trained Spray Tan Stylist is definitely what you need and the products they use must be specifically designed for stage.

Spray Tans with a dark base colour are a must as black absorbs light. This means that the light won’t reflect off your tan whilst you are on stage. Green based spray tans won’t do the job as well as a darker based tan as the green base will reflect the light giving a lighter appearance under stage-lighting. No matter how many coats you apply it will always appear lighter.

We have spray tanned many competitors and we have thorough and extensive knowledge and understanding on what will make you stand out from the crowd on stage.

We Make Your Tan Perfect For Judging…

Your spray tan plays a big part in the judgement criteria of a competition, and we guarantee you we won’t let you down. When tanning a competitor the tan needs to be bolder and darker than your everyday tan. The aim with a competition spray tan is to accentuate the clients muscle definition and create a flawless skin tone that will radiate on stage and draw the attention of the judges.

4DHD Spray Tans® will do this better than any other competition tanning technique.

Colour Me Bronze Competition Tan

Whilst we don’t want to give away our secret formula for our style of competition tanning we can say that our technique is done over a couple of sessions and we do spend time contouring you prior to your final/topcoat on the day of your competition.

By using Colour Me Bronze® and the solutions we have specifically selected we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. All representatives of Colour Me Bronze® are dedicated and experienced industry professionals who will help you every step of the way.

Colour Me Bronze Competition Tan
Colour Me Bronze Contouring
Colour Me Bronze Competition Tan
We Take Competition/Performance Spray Tanning That One Step Further…

As indicated above we use our Trademarked 4DHD Spray Tan® technique for all our competition tanning without any additional charge. We like to spend time on our competitors to make sure that their spray tan is perfect.

This super advanced new style of 4DHD Spray Tanning will be unbeatable in the Competition/Performance Tan industry. There will be nothing like this style of service offered by any other spray tanning company… we can guarantee this!… Unless they have been trained by Colour Me Bronze and have written permission to use the trademark and style of tanning for their business… of course!

For further information on the Competition/4DHD Spray Tan® or to book in an appointment please call Kim on 02 9882 3751.

Colour Me Bronze Competition Tan