It is best to book in your spray tan for a special event/occasion 2 days prior to the event, and at least 24 hours prior to when you leave for your holiday.  For special event tans we will customise your colour to best suit your dress/outfit and your skin tone.  For holiday spray tans we suggest that you just get a "holiday glow" rather than a dark spray tan.  A "holiday glow" is best, especially if you are going to be out in the "sun, sand and surf", as the darker you are against your natural skin tone the more noticeable the tan will be when it's wearing off.  We will also go through all of our special "hints and tips" to keep your tan looking perfect as long as possible... especially whilst away on holidays.

Kim has over 13 years experience with spray tanning and is fully qualified and insured.  She is the main tanning technician at Colour Me Bronze.  She will ensure a flawless tan every time.

Any other spray tanning technicians that are employed or may be employed at Colour Me Bronze in the future will go through extensive training, including tanning technique to train them the "Colour Me Bronze" way.  They will only be approved to take on clients once Kim is happy with the way that they spray tan and the results are flawless.  So you can be assured that any tanning technician you choose you will get a flawless result.

Colour Me Bronze has very strict pre-tanning prep instructions that we want our clients to follow.  This is to give our clients the best chance of getting the best results possible.  Not following our instructions completely or correctly, or doing your own way of prepping will not get you the results that you desire.

Prepping for your spray tan correctly is 80% of the results of your spray tan.  Even though we are experienced at spray tanning, there is only so much we can do.  Prepping your skin correctly is so important when it comes to the results of your spray tan.

We are very experienced when it comes to spray tanning, including doing extensive research on what is the best way to prep for your spray tan.  We can guarantee that we have developed the most thorough and the most effective pre-tan prep to ensure that you will definitely get the spray tan results you are looking for.

To view our Pre-Tan prep please click here.  Our tanning tips will thoroughly go through what you should do before, during and after your appointment at Colour Me Bronze.


If you have a special occasion to go to, such as a party, wedding etc, then it is advisable to be spray tanned two days before the event. For example, if the wedding is the Saturday, then it is advisable to be spray tanned on the Thursday.

This time allows the tan to fully activate and settle. You will have also had at least two showers before the event removing any tan excess left on the skin.


Yes!  As a spray tanner I like to work with a "blank canvas", so it's always best to remove your previous spray tan before your next appointment.  The cleaner the "canvas" the better the results will be, and the longer your tan will last.

Your exfoliation should be done at least 12-14 hours prior to your appointment to allow the acid mantle to reset and the amino acids to be recreated.  Exfoliating the same day as your spray tan can lead to undesired lighter results.

If you are having difficulty removing your spray tan you should use baby oil (mineral oil) on your skin at least a couple of hours prior to exfoliating your skin.  The baby oil will help separate the dead skin cells from the live skin cells and make it easier to remove your tan.

We also sell products to help you prep for your spray tan:

  • "Bye-Bye Tan" TANblast Bath Bomb - place the bath bomb in the bath and soak for 10 minutes before using a washcloth or exfoliating mitt to remove any excess tan.
  • "Bye-Bye Tan" Tan Remover Mousse - place the mousse on dry skin and leave on for 5 minutes before removing product with a washcloth or exfoliating mitt.
  • Full Body Exfoliating Mitt - use our double handed mitt with exfolating strap to exfoliate your skin or remove your old tan before your next appointment.

These products can be purchased online via our online store on this website or at the Colour Me Bronze salon.


For a standard spray tan it takes about 15 minutes to complete your spray tan and give you enough time to dry off under our full body dryers.  For contour spray tans they will be completed in around 20mins-30mins.

The team at Colour Me Bronze will be able to help you select the perfect colour for you depending on your requirements (ie your skin tone), undertone, hair colour, what you are getting the tan for (ie special event or for everyday tanning), and even down to the colour of your dress you are wearing for your special event.

The colour of the tan you should get can change depending on what you are getting the tan for, and especially what colour outfit you are wearing for a special event. Special event tanning isn't about how light or how dark you can get, but it's about getting that perfect colour to make your dress colour "POP".

For example.. If you are wearing a light coloured dress then it will be best to have a darker tan to make the dress colour pop.  If you are wearing a darker colour, a lighter coloured tan works best.


Yes! We certainly do!

We offer both spray tan packs and unlimited tanning passes.  To view the pricing on our packs please click here.


If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it is best to patch test your skin before deciding to go ahead with being spray tanned. Our Colour Me Bronze Professional spray tan solutions contain a range of high quality natural ingredients and extracts and do not have any chemicals or alcohol in the solution for your skin to react to.

The Colour Me Bronze Professional solutions will not normally cause break outs or clog pores.  However, every skin type and situation is different.  If you are concerned about spray tanning the face, no problem! Just let us know and we will be happy to spray tan the body only.


Even the most sensitive types and those that have suffered from reactions from other spray tans or over-the-counter products have rarely reacted to our solution.  If for any reason you have reacted to other spray tan solutions or products you can get a complimentary patch test done 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Spray tanning a pregnant woman is allowed at Colour Me Bronze from the 2nd trimester onwards.  I don't spray tan anybody in their first trimester.  It is always best to speak to your doctor and/or midwife first to get permission from them to allow you to get spray tans.

As there haven't been enough testing done, nobody can confirm whether or not it is safe or not.  I am happy to spray tan pregnant women as long as they have consent from their doctor or midwife.  I don't believe that I have the authority to override what a doctor has stated.  Every doctor has their own opinions on spray tanning and pregnancy and I will abide by what each individual doctor thinks is best for their patients.

Please ensure that you have permission from your doctor/midwife prior to booking in your spray tan appointment at Colour Me Bronze.


Most definitely!  Just let us know when you are either booking in your appointment or at your appointment so we can take the necessary precautions whilst spray tanning you.  It is always best to not spray tan the breast area if you are breastfeeding so you can either wear a bra, or we can spray tan around the breasts to avoid solution getting on that area.  We will provide you with a baby wipe to wipe down the area as a precautionary measure after we finish spray tanning you to ensure that all overspray has been removed from the breast area.

We can spray the breast area only if you will be showering before giving your baby their next feed.

Please ensure that you have permission from your doctor/midwife prior to booking in your spray tan appointment at Colour Me Bronze.


If you have dry elbows, kneecaps and ankles it is best that you concentrate on these areas when you are exfoliating your skin for the couple of days prior to your appointment.   It is best to apply a light film of moisturiser to these areas prior to your appointment and this will minimise the amount of tan and give you an even look overall.


Yes. The Colour Me Bronze Professional spray tan solutions have a light, natural looking bronzer so you will look instantly tanned after the application.   The bronzers may get gradually darker until your initial rinse off, then you will rinse back temporarily to a lighter colour.  The tan will continue to deepen and develop for up to 24 hours.


Not for long... You may feel slightly sticky for about 15 minutes but after that you won't even feel like you have a spray tan on.  Our solutions contain light bronzers and we spray tan lightly, so it doesn't sit thickly on the skin.  Plus... we use powder to help take away the stickiness from the areas where you sweat the most...  After that your skin will feel normal and not sticky at all.


At Colour Me Bronze we spray you with two light coats and dry in between each coat of solution.  By the time the application is over most of the solution mist would have already dried, but we place you under our full body drier to ensure you are completely dry before you leave the salon.


If you are being spray tanned in underwear or swim wear it is advisable that they be dark and firm fitting. If you were planning to wear a backless dress at all then being spray tanned without a bra/top would be recommended.  Most people are often spray tanned naked unless they want the noticeable tan line.  We offer complementary disposable g-strings at Colour Me Bronze.

After being spray tanned it is recommended to wear loose dark cotton clothing, preferably with a top that you don't have to worry about putting a bra back on, with slip on shoes so as not to leave any marks or rub the spray tan off the skin.  Tight fitting clothing will rub the spray tan and leave patchy uneven marks.


This is normal. The excess colour that is washing away is the bronzer/tint that allows us to see where you are being sprayed.  It is basically just a colour guide.

These cosmetic bronzers will wash away after your first initial rinse off and don't have any influence of the end result of your tan.   Dark bronzers don't necessarily mean dark results.  It's proper preparation, application and the correct DHA% for your skin tone that will give you that perfect colour.


It's best not to exercise excessively during that first 24 hours while the tan is still developing.  Exercise and sweating can cause the tan to develop uneven and patchy.  You will also not get the longevity out of the tan.  It is best to delay exercise until after the tan has developed.  If you have a special event it may be best to limit excercise until after your event.

Note: If you have been spray tanned on a hot day or you are someone that sweats easily it is best to apply a small amount of talcum powder under the arms, in the creases of the elbows and behind the knees. The talcum powder will not affect the tanning process; it acts as a drying agent to help avoid sweating.


Yes! There is no SPF protection within the tanning solution once you have had your first shower. It is advisable to always be sun smart.


It depends on the solution that is being applied and the depth of tan result you are wanting.  It also depends on the time of day your appointment is.  Our solutions are adaptable 2-8 hours so we can work around your needs and requirements.  We will discuss what depth of tan you are hoping for, and what  you are hoping to get from your spray tan appointment, and will advise the best length of time to leave the tan on before before rinsing.

For wedding tans we always suggest going with an 8 hour solution, so it's best to either book a daytime tan where you have enough time to leave on the solution for 8 hours and rinse before bed, or book in the evening where you can leave the tan on overnight and rinse in the morning.

The development of the tan will take up to 24 hours.  There is no magical exact minute when you are “done” because you are dealing with individual skin that has many variables.

If you decide to shower too quickly, you are only blunting the full development of the tan. If you are sprayed in the evening more than likely you will be leaving on overnight and rinsing off in the morning.


The first time you moisturise will be 24 hours after your spray tan appointment.

For maximum longevity of your spray tan it is advisable to moisturise twice daily.  Best time to moisturise is straight after a shower.  When you shower your skin absorbs moisture.  You have a 4 minute window from the time you finish your shower until the oxygen starts to pull the moisture out from your skin, so to encapsulate that moisture and give your skin an added moisture boost make sure that you are moisturising within that timeframe.

Pat yourself dry, leaving your skin slightly wet, and combine the moisturiser with the water left on your skin for ease of application.


It is advisable to wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving a spray tan application. It is not advisable to get a wax after being spray tanned. Waxing can remove the top layer of the skin thus removing the top layer of the tan. Doing a wax after being spray tanned will leave the tan looking uneven and patchy.


It is advisable to shave the day before your appointment. Doing this allows time for the pores to close up so there is less chance of any black spot effects in the pores. If you shave after your spray tan application you will accelerate the exfoliating process. You can also cause your spray tan to exfoliate unevenly leaving the spray tan looking patchy.

If you do shave your legs the day of your spray tan please make sure that you give the shaved area a light exfoliation to make sure that no left over residue from the product is left on the skin, which can potentially act as a barrier and block the solution from being able to develop through to it's full colour.


No! Definitely not if done correctly...

A tan will only go orange if:

  • Too much solution has been applied to the skin
  • The DHA% is too high for your skin tone ie. you are trying to go too dark for what your natural skin colour can handle
  • You shower within 3 hours of your spray tan appointment or use products on your skin prior to your appointment
  • Your skins pH is out of balance (more alkaline than normal)

A true professional knows how to identify and prevent these combinations from occuring with your tan.  A spray tan should not go orange if applied correctly and you have followed our Pre-Tan Prep instructions correctly.  We also custom blend our solutions to match the clients skin tones and undertones.  For example... A fair person would receive a solution mix completely different from someone with a darker skin tone.

Undertones play an important part as well... We match our solutions to your undertones. ie a cool undertone suits a green base, a warm undertone suits a violet base.  We also have other base coloured solutions that are universal and can be used on their own or mixed together with other colour based solutions to get the best mix possible for the best results.

Every client skin is different and therefore should be treated that way.  This is why we TANtail our solutions to best suit you.


Yes you can apply makeup on the face after being spray tanned, however if you rinse your face at all after it has been sprayed then you will stop the tan from developing any further. Spray tanning the face is often a choice, you don’t have to spray tan the face if you regularly apply make up.

It is recommended that if you are getting your face spray tanned then you only have a light spray applied. It is easier to blend in makeup on a lighter face than to lighten up a tanned face and still look natural.


Depending on your skin type, the tan will last 7-10 days if maintained correctly. Like a suntan the tan will gradually fade away as the skin naturally exfoliates.


Your spray tan can be extended through the use of our retail range including our TANtoner Tan Extender and TANtoner Moisturiser which can be purchased online via this website or at the Colour Me Bronze salon at your appointment.

Please note that you should avoid excessive exposure to water, spas and saunas and any form of exfoliation during the life of your spray tan.


No! The longevity of the spray tan is determined by how well you have prepped for your appointment and how well you look after your spray tan afterwards.

Having a darker tan does not mean it will last longer.  A light glow will last just as long as a darker tan, as long as our recommended aftercare is followed correctly.

Only moisturisers and tan extenders can extend the life of your tan.


You can minimise these lines, but it may take 2-3 sprays over the whiter area compared to the tanned area. Blending the tan will depend on the amount of visibility of the tan lines.


It depends on how visible the marks are. If marks occur assess how much tan has been removed, gently blend the marked area using a cotton wool ball or blending brush to gently smudge the area.


Yes! The spray tan tanning solution washes out in water and does not stain. It is not advisable to wear white clothing after being spray tanned though. The spray tan tanning solution does wash out, however over time the white clothing could become slightly discoloured.


We will give you some wipes to wipe the palms of your hands after your spray tan, but in case you accidentally get the product on your palms over night prior to your first shower we suggest that you gently rub whitening toothpaste on the palm of your hand.


Apply talcum powder to all possible areas where you are likely to sweat. The talcum powder absorbs the sweat without marking the tan. Make sure the body is dry when applying the talcum powder. It is also recommended to wear cotton clothing. Maybe consider receiving the spray tan at the coolest time of the day or during the evening.


Solutions that contain alcohol as a drying agent can dry out the skin.  The Colour Me Bronze Professional solutions do not contain alcohol and have additional moisturising and anti-aging ingredients to keep the skin nourished.  You will need to moisturise daily to keep your tan as long as possible.  For those who have extra dry skin please moisturise twice daily with a moisturiser that does not contain mineral oil or lanolin.


If you have excessive dry exfoliating skin you can be spray tanned. However it is very important to prepare your skin properly before being spray tanned. It would be recommended to exfoliate your skin for two to three consecutive days before receiving the spray tan application.

Maintaining the tan after being sprayed is also important. It would be advised to moisturise at least twice a day and to understand that because your skin naturally exfoliates more than average, that your tan will not last as long, and may still wear off uneven and patchy.