Because dry skin attracts the spray tan, it tends to go darker and looks quite fake. To avoid this look apply a light film of moisturiser to the very dry areas of the elbows, kneecaps or ankles only and this will minimise the amount of tan and give you an even look overall


Yes. The spray tan tanning solution has a bronzing colour agent in the liquid blend. You will have a tanned look instantly, while the DHA and active ingredients are developing the tan underneath during the next 2-6 hours (depending on which type of solution you use). Please note that your spray tan colour can keep developing for up to 24 hours after being spray tanned.



It often takes approximately 10-15 minutes to be spray tanned including drying time



No, but you will be aware of the spray tan application during the first hour while the product sets and activates. After that, your skin will feel normal and not sticky. Once your spray tan dries your skin will feel soft and healthy.



By the time the application is over most of the mist would have dried, but there may still be a few moist areas. We will dry you with our heated dryer and will check over your spray tan prior to allowing you to get dressed



If you are being spray tanned in underwear or swim wear it is advisable that they be dark and firm fitting. If you were planning to wear a backless dress at all then being spray tanned without a top would be recommended. Most people are often spray tanned naked unless they want the noticeable tan line. We offer complementary disposable g-strings or you can purchase a "C-String" from us if you do not wish to go naked but don't want any tan lines.

After being spray tanned it is recommended to wear loose dark cotton clothing with slip on shoes so as not to leave any marks or rub the spray tan off the skin. Tight fitting clothing will rub the spray tan and leave patchy uneven marks.



This is normal. The excess colour that is washing away is the bronzer/tint that allows you to see where you are being sprayed.



Exercising excessively after being spray tanned can cause you to perspire. Sweat acts as a barrier to the spray tan and will stop the spray tan developing in the area that you sweat. It is best to delay exercise until after you have had your first shower.

Note: If you have been spray tanned on a hot day or you are someone that sweats easily it is best to apply a small amount of talcum powder under the arms, in the creases of the elbows and behind the knees. The talcum powder will not affect the tanning process; it acts as a drying agent to help avoid sweating.



Yes! There is no SPF protection within the tanning solution once you have had your first shower. It is advisable to always be sun smart.



Wait at least 2-6 hours (depending on which solution you have been sprayed with), however the longer the better! The reality is that you have an active bronzing occurring. The full bronzing will continue for about 24 hours but the most active bronzing time occurs about 5-8 hours from the spray tan application time. There is not a magical exact minute when you are “done” because you are dealing with individual skin that has many variables. Please note that with 2 hour solutions you must not leave them on the skin for longer than 4 hours, otherwise you have the potential to reflect an orange tinge, develop a colour you aren't expecting and/or shorten the length of your spray tan.

If you decide to shower too quickly, you are only blunting the full development of the tan. If you are sprayed later in the day, wait until the next morning to shower.



The more the better! For maximum tan results it is advisable to moisturise at least twice daily. The more you moisturise the better the tan will wear away naturally and the more nourishing it is for the skin. The less you moisturise the patchier the tan will wear away and the less amount of days the tan will last. Techno Tan's Moisturiser and Body Milk, which are specifically formulated for use with spray tans, can be purchased from the Colour me Bronze studio.



It is advisable to wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving a spray tan application. It is not advisable to get a wax after being spray tanned. Waxing can remove the top layer of the skin thus removing the top layer of the tan. Doing a wax after being spray tanned will leave the tan looking uneven and patchy.



It is advisable to shave at least 8 hours prior to receiving a spray tan application. Doing this allows time for the pores to close up so there is less chance of any black spot effects in the pores. If you shave after your spray tan application you will accelerate the exfoliating process. You can also cause your spray tan to exfoliate unevenly leaving the spray tan looking patchy.

If you do shave your legs the day of your spray tan please make sure that you give the shaved area a light exfoliation to make sure that no left over residue from the product is left on the skin, which can potentially act as a barrier and block the solution from being able to develop through to it's full colour.



No! The spray tan will not go orange if applied correctly. The orange undertone occurs if too much spray tan tanning solution has been applied to the skin.



Yes you can apply makeup on the face after being spray tanned, however if you rinse your face at all after it has been sprayed then you will stop the tan from developing anymore. Spray tanning the face is often a choice, you don’t have to spray tan the face if you regularly apply make up.

It is recommended that if you are getting your face spray tanned then you only have a light spray applied. It is easier to blend in makeup on a lighter face than to lighten up a tanned face and still look natural.



Depending on your skin type, the tan will last 7-10 days if maintained correctly. Like a suntan the tan will gradually fade away as the skin naturally exfoliates.



If you have been spray tanned with one light application then you can be sprayed a second time. If you have been spray tanned at the darkest level the first time then it is not advisable to be sprayed again on the same day.

If you are spray tanned at the darkest level and wish to go darker then it is recommended to allow at least 24-48 hours in-between being sprayed a second time. For example you can be spray tanned on the Monday and then be sprayed again on the Wednesday. Doing this will avoid any possible orange undertones from occurring. It is advisable that the more spray tan tanning solution you have had applied to the skin the more moisturiser you need to apply to encourage the tan to wear off more evenly. If you don’t apply more moisturiser then you run the risk of your tan wearing off uneven and patchy.



No! The tan will last longer by liberally applying moisturiser regularly.

The heavier the spray tan application (the more spray tan tanning solution that is applied onto the skin), yes the darker you will look, however the more patchy the tan can wear off the skin. It also depends on how long it is before you have your first shower, to how long your tan will last. In order to achieve a really dark tan it is more sensible to have a light spray to get a base tan and then again 48 hour later with a medium spray.



Colour Me Bronze does not recommend solarium use AT ALL due to its association with skin cancer. From December 2014 there will be a full ban on solarium use by the Government in NSW. Some salons sell a service called "Fake and Bake" where you get a spray tan then bake under solarium lights for 10 minutes to get an even deeper spray tan. We do not have any association with solariums and we do not have solariums as a service at our studio.



You can minimise these lines, but it may take 2-3 sprays over the whiter area compared to the tanned area. Blending the tan will depend on the amount of visibility of the tan lines.



It depends on how visible the marks are. If marks occur assess how much tan has been removed, gently blend the marked area using a cotton wool ball to gently smudge the area.



Yes! The spray tan tanning solution washes out in water and does not stain. It is not advisable to wear white clothing after being spray tanned though. The spray tan tanning solution does wash out, however over time the white clothing could become slightly discoloured.



We will give you some wipes to wipe the palms of your hands after your spray tan, but in case you accidentally get the product on your palms over night prior to your first shower we suggest that you gently rub whitening toothpaste on the palm of your hand



Apply talcum powder to all possible areas where you are likely to sweat. The talcum powder absorbs the sweat without marking the tan. Make sure the body is dry when applying the talcum powder. It is also recommended to wear cotton clothing. Maybe consider receiving the spray tan at the coolest time of the day or during the evening.



No! The spray tan tanning solutions mist can penetrate past the hair to achieve the same result as if without hair.

It is recommended that when applying spray tan to body hair, you must take extra time making sure that the body is dry before applying clothes. When the body is dry, gently pat the hair with a tissue or use a buffer towel with a light pressure. Pat the body hair area to remove any spray tan excess still attached to the hairs.

Make sure your body is completely dry before reapplying clothing.



Most spray tans have a minimal percentage of pure alcohol or drying preservative content. Techno Tan's solutions do not contain any alcohol so will not dry out the skin. To help prolong your tan please make sure that you moisturise your body regularly



If you have excessive dry exfoliating skin you can be spray tanned. However it is very important to prepare your skin properly before being spray tanned. It would be recommended to exfoliate your skin at least three consecutive days before receiving the spray tan application.

Maintaining the tan after being sprayed is also important. It would be advised to moisturise at least twice a day and to understand that because your skin naturally exfoliates more than average, that your tan will not last as long, and may still wear off uneven and patchy.



If you have a special occasion to go to, such as a party, wedding etc, then it is advisable to be spray tanned two days before the event. For example, if the wedding is the Saturday, then it is advisable to be spray tanned on the Thursday.

This time allows the tan to fully activate and settle. You will have also had at least two showers before the event removing any tan excess left on the skin.