Media Awards

MAY 2019

Article written by Best in AU regarding the top tanning salons in Sydney.


Article by Womens Health on Why you should never apply fake tan before hitting the gym.  Colour Me Bronze has been quoted in the article.


Article by The Urban List on best spray tanning places in Sydney.  Colour Me Bronze is listed as one of them.

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9TH JUNE 2017

Blog by Sitchu about the best tanning studio’s in Sydney.  Colour Me Bronze was mentioned as one of the top places in Sydney.


Colour Me Bronze did the spray tanning for the Lita Magazine cover and main inside spread shoot.

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18TH JULY 2016

Announcement of Distributor of the Colour Me Bronze Professional Brand in the USA.

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Article where Colour Me Bronze is named as one of the best spray tan places in Sydney.

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3RD JUNE 2014

Colour Me Bronze had the pleasure of spray tanning the gorgeous ladies from House Rules for their photo shoot for New Idea.


Another round of Spray Tan Bingo on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

This round’s “victim” was Lincoln Lewis.

7 spray tans to the face and this is what it look like! LOL


Colour Me Bronze was asked back again to spray tan for the segment “Spray Tan Bingo”…

This is how Jackie O ended up after I had to spray tan her face many times whilst playing the game. Kyle’s questions were extremely hard…. Soooo glad I wasn’t answering those questions….


Colour Me Bronze was announced Salon of the Month on the All Things Tanning website.

We are very excited! To view their website visit


Ha ha ha! Had so much fun spray tanning these guys this morning. Please remember that I don’t normally spray tan like this. I would never use as dark a colour as I was asked to use, and I would never do as many coats as I did… lol

View the video here

24TH JULY 2013

The Dan and Maz show on 2DayFM are running a “Producers Twist” segment throughout this week and this evenings twist was for the hosts to get spray tanned every 30 minutes throughout the duration of their show.

Colour Me Bronze was asked to come into the studio to spray tan them. Please note that the spray tan application and colour was exaggerated for entertainment purposes, and I would not normally spray tan this many coats of solution or choose the colour that was spray tanned on them for their skin tones in any normal circumstances. I had a ball spray tanning both Dan and Maz, they are a lot of fun.

1ST JULY 2013

Kim Van Tussenbroek was announced as Spray Tan Technician of the Week by TechnoTan.

30TH MAY 2013

Colour Me Bronze was mentioned as a finalist in the May/June issue of Beauty Biz Magazine.

We also had another mention within the TechnoTan article in the same issue for Mobile Spray Tan Operator of the Year.

29TH MAY 2013

Colour Me Bronze’s testimonial featured on the TechnoTan’s full page colour advertisement featured on the outside back cover of the May/June issue of Beauty Biz magazine.

15TH MAY 2013

Colour Me Bronze had a write-up on the Official TechnoTan Facebook page regarding the recent awards we have won.

10TH MAY 2013

The ABIA Awards Finalists have just been revealed and Colour Me Bronze has made it as a finalist in the Category of Best Tanning Salon/Service of the Year. Announcement of the winner will take place at the ABIA Awards on Monday 26th August 2013.

26TH APRIL 2013

The winners of the TechnoTan Awards were announced today and Colour Me Bronze won the following awards.