Bridal Spray Tans


Your wedding Day is one of the most special days of your life… so it’s no surprise that you want your spray tan to look perfect.

We want you (the bride), your bridesmaids and your entire bridal party to look and feel confident, sexy with a beautiful glow!  We know your big day deserves nothing less than the best spray tan you’ve ever had… and you will get that at Colour Me Bronze.

We are renowned for our Bridal Tans and spray tans in general.  You are in safe hands with us as we know how to create the perfect colour for your perfect day.

Bridal Tan Trial

Bridal Tan Trials are highly recommended as this gives us a chance to see how it wears on your skin and if we need to make any adjustments to the tone or depth of colour.  A great way is to get one for your Hens or Bridal Shower!

Bridal tans should be treated differently to “everyday tanning”.  They should be done on the lighter side.  They should never be dark.  A nice “glow” is always best.  There are several reason for this and we will explain all further down the page.

We always try to encourage brides to do an 8-hour solution rather than a rapid rinse solution.  This is because there is less variability in the end result and more consistency from person to person with an 8-hour solution compared to a rapid rinse solution.

Of course we are more than happy to do a rapid rinse solution on you, but it is always best to trial first to ensure you know how your skin reacts with rapid rinse solutions.

Colour me Bronze bridal tan
Colour Me Bronze Bridal Tan
Colour Me Bronze Bridal Tan
Colour Me Bronze Bridal Tan
Colour Me Bronze Bridal Tan

Need to Know…

Should I do a Bridal Tan trial?

Yes… most definitely.  It is always best so that you are familiar with the process and the colour result prior to your wedding day.  Most clients will get a trial bridal tan when they are either having a makeup trial, hens night or bridal shower.  This way you know you are 100% happy with your colour prior to your special day.

When should I book a bridal tan trial?

Trials should be done at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding to ensure that all the tan has been removed before getting your tan for your wedding day.

How may days prior to my wedding should I get a spray tan?

The tan should be done 2-3 days prior to your wedding day.  As part of the “homework” we give you after doing a trial with us you will know exactly which day the tan looks best.

A spray tan should NEVER be done the day or evening before your wedding day.

Is there anything I should do on the day of my wedding?

Apply a layer of moisturiser to ensure your skin is hydrated.  Place talc-free powder under your arms and on the skin around the edges of your dress.  If you do get hot then the powder will help eliminate potential staining due to sweat or rubbing.

Wedding Day Prep schedule…

The week leading up to your wedding day should look like this:

Colour Me Bronze Wedding Day Prep schedule


The tan should be the last thing you get done and this should be done 2-3 days prior to your wedding day.

Your nails and your lashes should be done prior to getting your spray tan.  Please do not book in your nails and lashes after the spray tan has been done.

Any activities such as facials and massages should be done at least 2 days prior to you starting your tanning prep to ensure that your skin has settled down enough prior to starting your exfoliating process.

It is very important to make sure that your spray tan has at least one day (at least 24 hours) to settle down prior to your wedding day, which is why it is best to have it done 2-3 days prior to your important day.  This allows the tan to fully develop for the 24 hours, then settle down with that extra shower or two.

This also gives you time to take a breather, relax and enjoy the day prior to your wedding without too much stress.


We always ask our brides-to-be to do a little homework after getting their bridal tan trial.  We want the best colour for you on your special day, so doing what we ask below will guarantee you are as sure as we are that we have the perfect tan colour for you!

Check the tan colour on Day 2 and Day 3
Look at how the tan sits on your skin and the depth of colour of the tan.  Most clients will get their tans done 2 days prior to an event, but some clients have preferred their tan on day 3.

Take some photo’s of yourself so you know what the spray tan colour looks like in photo’s on both Day 2 and Day 3.

Check tan colour against same colour as wedding dress

Check the tan colour against a dress/outfit that is the same colour (or very similar to) your wedding dress. 

Take photo’s to see how the tan looks against the dress colour on both Day 2 and Day 3.

Stand next to your partner to check tan colour
This is important… and one of the reasons why you don’t go too dark for wedding tans.

Spray tans can sometimes over-emphasise the  undertone of others in photo’s so you will need to see what your tan looks like compared to your partners skin tone if they aren’t getting a spray tan.

  • If your partner has a pink undertone, the pink tones will be exaggerated and they will look very pink compared to you.
  • If your partner has a yellow undertone, the yellow tones will be exaggerated and they will look very yellow compared to you.

By taking a photo with your partner you can get a glimpse of what your tan will look like with the colour of your dress and your partner as well.  Seeing the overall picture will easily show you whether you need to bump up or bump down the spray tan colour for your wedding day… Or if it is just perfect the way it is.

Check with your makeup artist whether or not they want tan on your face

Makeup artists often like the face lighter than the rest of the body.

This is because it is easier to colour-match the face from the face being a lighter colour to the rest of the body rather than having to bring down the colour because the face is too dark.

If the makeup artists wants no tan on the face please let us know so we can avoid tanning the face.  We always follow the direction of each individual makeup artist. 

Your makeup artist knows what works best with the products that they use, so if they do request no tan on the face please make sure that you are following what they are asking so they can get your makeup perfect for your special day.

Colour Me Bronze Bridal Tan
Colour Me Bronze Brial Tan

If you can encourage your partner to get a spray tan as well it will help with easing the difference between both tones of the skin.

If you have any further questions before booking in your bridal trial tan or bridal tan please call the salon on (02) 9882 3751.