Infrared Sauna FAQ’s


Infrared heat therapy is the process of infrared light penetrating several inches into the body’s deep tissue and creates heat, resulting in a whole-body hyperthermia to make you sweat.

Infrared saunas work by penetrating the deep tissue of muscles to induce detoxification and relaxation from within the body. Traditional saunas heat the air around you to encourage your body to sweat out toxins however usually this just leaves people uncomfortable and struggling to breathe in the stuffy conditions! With an infrared sauna the gentle heat will radiate to the core of your body.

Infrared heat is completely safe! Infrared light is a naturally occurring output of the sun without the harmful UV rays associated with sunlight.

Colour therapy is the use of colours to balance the body’s energy and frequencies. Colour therapy works on balancing the body through the full spectrum of visible light, each colour addressing a different need. Colour therapy sauna benefits include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Your session in the sauna is typically up to you, however we advise against using it for longer than 60 minutes at a time. We have both 30 minute and 45 minute sessions available.

This is completely up to you! We suggest between 45- 65’c - you may adjust the temperature to suit your own preference.

Each person responds to heat differently. If you typically sweat in warmer conditions then you can expect to sweat here. We suggest you drink plenty of water and always take in a towel for personal hygiene reasons.

Yes, absolutely! It is a personal preference and if your sauna is in a shared space you may be more comfortable clothed. The infrared heat technology will not depend on what you’re wearing, and you will still feel all the same benefits.

Yes certainly! Our sauna features an oil vessel inside for ease of use.  You can select your essential oil prior to your sauna sweat session.

Yes, it is safe to do so however we recommend you leave it outside as it will warm up. Our sauna is fitted with bluetooth so you will be able to connect your phone prior to our bluetooth if you choose to listen to your own music or podcasts, or we will bluetooth the connection from our TV so you can watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

We recommend the sauna for users 18 years and older.

Please consult your doctor before using the infrared sauna if you suffer from any of the following

  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes or other chronic conditions
  • Haemophilia
  • Allergy to natural wood oils/resins

Children and pregnant women should avoid using the infrared sauna.  Colour Me Bronze also advises against using the sauna under the influence of drugs, alcohol or strong medication.

Far infrared is the longest of all wavelengths. It penetrates deep into the fats cells producing a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level expelling toxins that sit within our body. Far infrared also helps manage blood pressure reduction & assist in weight loss.

No.  Our packages are non-transferrable, so they will only be able to be used by the person who purchased the pack.

Yes, which will be regained upon rehydration.  But the calories burnt are real.  As you relax in the gentle heat of our sauna, your body is actually hard at work pumping blood (increased  heart rate), increasing circulation and producing sweat to cool you down.  This results in a caloric burn!

The more the better!  Based on your individual health and wellness goals, we recommend at least 2-3 times a week.  For even better results, 4-5 times a week is recommended.  We suggest you try the sauna immediately following your workout/fitness program to see the best weight loss results.

Yes.  By increasing your heart rate and core body temperature by 3 degrees in your session, it could take up to an hour to return to normal.  We encourage you to stay active before or after your session if you want to maximise the calorie burn.